Maths Tutor, Ignatius

E Maths & A Maths Tuition Since 2010

I am the owner of Art Of Maths Tuition Centre in Katong, and have been teaching GCE O Level & iGCSE E Maths and A Maths full-time since 2010.

I aced every major Maths examination due to my strong knowledge in Maths. So I know all the tricks required to score distinctions in Maths! My academic qualifications:

  • Bachelor Of Engineering (EEE) Honours from Nanyang Technological Institute
  • Alumina of VJC, with distinction in C Maths, Further Maths and Physics
  • Alumina of Victoria School with A1s in double Maths and double Science

1-on-1 & Group Online Tuition Lessons

As Secondary School students have a lot of commitments, I have different offerings to cater to students’ heavy schedule.

1-on-1 Online Tuition is for student who

  • has heavy extra-curriculum (CCA) commitment
  • wants to save on traveling time
  • is not effective in group tuition environment
  • needed individual attention

Group Online Lesson is for student who

  • is looking for quality tuition at affordable fees
  • enjoy small group learning environment (max 8 students)

Our Strength

Teaching quality guaranteed with no hired tutors at Art of Maths tuition centre

Consistent Quality

All Maths lessons are conducted by myself, removing inconsistent teaching by hired tutors.

Practice all question variation at Art of Maths tuition centre

Practice All Variation

My practice questions are specially selected to cover > 90% of all questions types tested in exam.

Customised exam oriented worksheet at Art of Maths tuition centre

Key Exam Preparation

For the past 12+ years, I've accurately predicted more than 80% of the topics tested in O level Math exam.

After class support at Art of Maths tuition centre

After Lesson Support

During exam period, students can WhatsApp me to clarify on questions / doubts even after tuition.

Achieve the same amazing Maths results as my students!

Fail To Distinction In 3 to 9 Months!

Not all Maths tutors are the same. Finding the right Maths tutor makes the difference!

Countless students who joined my Math tuition has their grades jumped from fail to distinction within 3 to 9 months!

What is my secret? My strong knowledge in Maths! I am able to pinpoint the key points, and highlight all important concepts.

See how I go beyond answering the questions so that students can deepen their learning.

One Maths Lesson - One Key Topic

My key teaching strength is my ability to break down the Maths topic into smaller pieces for easier understanding, and linking them in a clear & sequential manner.

See how I explain and solve the famous “killer” Vectors question!

For each topic, Maths concepts, Maths formulas and their interrelationships are presented step by step, and illustrated with appropriate examples. In this manner, students are able to grasp the key concepts within 15 to 30 minutes as the process unfolds systematically.

Reduce Maths Working By 15 – 30%

Students taught by me memorize fewer mathematics formulas, and their Maths workings are shortened by 15% to 30%. My weaker students find my explanations easy to understand, and my “B” students who needed that breakthrough found the key to gaining that distinction.

See how I apply concepts from 3 topics clearly in one question.

With improved techniques, my students can complete their Maths examination papers faster, and have more time to check their answers. Some of my best students finish their exams in just half the time allotted!

Our Students' Excellent Achievement

Start Your Maths Learning Journey With Us!

Onsite or Online Tuition; Group or One-on-One Lesson, We have it all

Maths Ebooks

Yes! We are putting our decades of teaching experience online! Students get to learn what our ex-students had learnt to achieve their amazing results.

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