Maths & POA Tuition Centre

We are a boutique tuition centre offering Maths and Accounting tuition for secondary schools students. Our tuition centre is helmed by owner-tutors whom are professionals with vast real world experiences in their respective fields of teaching.

Our story

The Conception

Founded in 2011, our aim is to impart our knowledge in a simplified manner so that students can easily grasp the concept and build their foundation for the future

About Art of Maths tuition centre
About the tuition differences at Art of Maths tuition centre

Our Differentiation

We help our students understand and not memorise the topic by teaching them to:

  • relate concepts to the real world
  • connect related concepts
  • identify key words
  • solve Maths / POA questions with the least steps

Our Methodology

We promote effective and efficient learning by practicing on:

  • all variation of questions per topic
  • non-repetitive questions
  • questions with varying degree of difficulties
  • 2-way interactive communication
Teaching method differentiation at Art of Maths tuition centre

Trusted by many

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